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Most Recovery Agents Aren’t Real

If you lost your inherited Florida real estate at a tax sale, you’re probably getting swarmed by people claiming they can recover money for you.

Don’t Believe Them

Without a probate being done, they won’t be able to get you a dime. Your surplus claim will be denied.

No Probate = No Surplus Money Recovered

A Big Share of Nothing is Still Nothing

Even if they tell you they’ll only take a 1% fee, 99% of nothing is still nothing.

We strongly recommend you don’t sign a percentage deal if you haven’t done a probate.

The other frequent problem with percentage deals is the percentage is after expenses. We cover all expenses from our share. See the Costs We Pay.

If They Offer You Cash Now

If a surplus agent offers you cash now for your surplus recovery claim, they’re probably:

  • New at doing surplus recovery claims;
  • Not realizing they can’t get you a surplus recovery without a probate being done; and
  • Offering you next to nothing for your claim.
Check with Us Before Signing
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We can probably give you more money than they’re offering.